01 april 2012 – around the area

i spent most of the day sunday cruising the Sandy River drainage from Sandy to Marmot. along Ten-eyck rd there were Varied Thrush at a very high density, about 25 to 50 birds per mile. i drove about nine miles so that would put the number, conservatively, at 250! but other than that the only other notable bird was a Rough-legged Hawk in the Marmot flats just north of 26.

i was hoping to kick up a grouse or two — nary a peep in that dept. called it a day early, until …

got a call from Dave and Shawneen that they were sitting on a Loggerhead Shrike and a Say’s Phoebe out at the Troutdale airport. Sweet! They were still tending the birds when i got there about 10 minutes later. a couple of pictures of the LOSH can be found here and here.

and a pin map showing where i saw the birds.  this image was obviously take quite a while ago as the landscape looks quite different today.  you’ll have to open the map in another window or zoom out to see both pins