09 april 2012 — troutdale patagonia way-side

Just another county twitch!  The local listserve lit up with news of a pair of Brewer’s Sparrows out at the Siwgert Twilight Zone.

They joined the Clay-colored Sparrow that has been in the area for some time.  Upon repeated attempts to find the CCSP i gave up, but with news of another rare county bird — i headed over as soon as i could.  It was late in the day and i didn’t give it much hope, especially when Lynn Topinka was packing up and getting ready to leave from an unsuccessful stake out this afternoon.  (she had much better luck in the morning — she was just after better pitures this afternoon)

Out wandering in the field was Bob Stites, who some moments later was doing the victory dance and waving me into the lot.  Cha-ching!  Both of the Brewer’s and the lone Clay-colored were hanging out together foraging the field for grass seed.

Here is a spot map of the location of the Sparrow’s.  The equipment is no longer there but the trailer remains.  It was just west of the trailer where i first encountered the birds.  Click on the push-pin for further details.