A Day-trip through the Cascades in Clackamas Co.

Headed up Hwy. 224 and up to Timothy Lake.  Stopped in a few spots along the way.  I had intended to finish up at Little Lava Lake but ran out of time at Clackamas Meadow and headed back to Portland from there.  Added a couple more birds to the Cascades List: American Three-toed Woodpecker and MacGillivary’s Warbler.

The woodpecker evaded the camera.  Had a great photo opportunity with baby Common Merganser chicks resting atop their mother’s back as she plied the waters of the Clackamas River, but only came away with terribly out of focus images.  Also missed the Mink that scuttled across the road at Clackamas Meadow – drat!

There was a notable paucity of Odonates.  Only saw a handful at Timber Lake and couldn’t get an ID on the two species that i saw.  And at Clackamas Meadow, usually a very reliable spot for multiple species, i didn’t find any.  May be a bit early??