Mid June in the Portland/Vancouver Basin

The P/V Basin is characterized at Level III as the Willamette Valley – Ecoregion 3.  At Level IV it is 3a.  The major distinguishing feature is in the soil structure as a result of glacial alluvium deposits.

I traveled the bottomland areas of Scappoose and took my first hike around the Oak Island trail since it opened in May.  There weren’t any surprises but i did observe my first Purple Martins of the year and got to hang out with a couple of territorial Chats.  Out in the open in the Crown Z marshes was a Bittern — too far away for any more than a documentary (read bad) photo.

I did come across what i believe to be Blue Mustard (Chorispora tenella) which seems a bit out of place as it is known more as an east side invasive.

I only saw a few Cabbage Whites and a lone Tiger Swallowtail.  Out at the Oak Island trail and Sturgeon Lake interface there were quite a few California and Blue-eyed Darners, but neither would settle down for a photo.  This area is usually pretty good for quite a diverse odonate population — just not yet i guess.

eBird – Scappoose Water Works

eBird – Crown Z Trail

eBird – Honeyman Loop

eBird – Oak Island Trail