Back to the Columbia Plateau – Late June

The Deschutes River Canyon (Level IV-10k) is cut from the Columbia Plateau (Level III-10) described in past posts.  I also traveled the shallow Fulton and Mud Hollow Canyons (Level IV-10c)

I just really love this area. aBoo was taken care of so the Cheat-grass problem was not a barrier.  I bee-lined to Deschutes River Rec. Area and traveled the river trail.  The weather was touch and go all morning and i got rained out starting at what was to become the terminus of my foray where i ran into a new family of Canyon Wrens.

Despite the low temperatures i did come across a couple of River Jewelwings!  Always a beautiful sight.

The presumed breeding American White Pelicans below the John Day Dam where still there.  I didn’t bring my scope so i couldn’t scan for nests, but i didn’t see any chicks on the strand.  I had a number of Chats in numerous locations and one very cooperative singing male that posed for a few photos, albeit a long way off.

The wildflowers are transitioning to summer flowering species – mostly invasives, but the Showy Milkweed is now in bloom.

I only came across a few butterflies: a couple of Cabbage Whites and an unidentified dark possible Checkerspot.