Sauvie Island – Late June

Sauvie Island lies in Level III Ecoregion 3 – The Willamette Valley.

Level IV 3a – Portland/Vancouver Basin.

I will be adding Level III and Level IV pages in the future unless they get unwieldy.  In which case i will come up with an alternative.

I drove Reeder Rd. out to the end and hiked a portion of the the gallery cottonwood forest at the end.  Stops along the way at Coon Point, Willow Bar, the Observation Platform, and Rentenaar Rd.  I guess all of the Great Blue Heron chicks have fledged because i couldn’t see any in the rookery.  Nor did i see any Bald Eagle chicks in the few nest sites located earlier in the spring.

One very prominent feature of the day was the large number of Great Egrets.  As many as 18 at the Observation Platform and 24 over the dike at the end of Rentenaar Rd.   Quite a few were also seen on the wing along the route.  I counted a total of 51 Egrets!

Purple Martins have taken up residence in the multiple gourd structures dotted around the Island.

eBird Report for Sauvie Island – Multnomah Co.

eBird Report for Sauvie Island – Columbia Co.