East Slope of the Cascades and Down onto the Columbia Plateau Part 1

Oregon State Highway 216.  This little road covers a wide range of habitat; too much to adequately cover in a single day, or even two days.  On the west end it starts off in the high Cascades, drops into the oak and conifer foothills of Pine Grove and out onto the Umatilla Plateau.

On this day i only made it to 197 and really didn’t do justice to the grasslands having spent most of my time trying, unsuccessfully i might add, figuring out Camas Prairie.  I hiked the trail heading west from the corral and just wandered through a dense forest for a few miles.   I caught a few glimpses of opening but it was on the other side of a pole fence that i followed for about a mile.  i’m just not sure what to make of that place.  I was really hoping to round up some dragonflys — maybe next time.

The oak woodlands around Pine Grove seem like really nice habitat but i couldn’t find any real access.  It appears to be all privately held land.

I continued out to 197 and drove the road that follows the White River into the hamlet of Tygh Valley.  It was just a real quick scouting trip as it was getting late in the day.

Level IV: Cascade Crest Montane Forest (4c)

Level IV: Oak/Conifer Foothills (9c)

Level IV: Umatilla Plateau (10c)

eBird Report for Camas Prairie

eBird Report for Manzanita Transition Zone

eBird Report for the Pine Grover Area

eBird Report for the Tygh Valley Area