Back to the Oak/Conifer Woodlands Around Rock Creek in Mid July

Earlier i lamented that most of the Oak/Conifer woodlands had limited access due to private property ownership.  So come mid July I did a little Google mapping and a lot of poking around the lands surrounding Rock Creek Reservoir.  There is a large system of off-road vehicle trails that accesses the area along Hwy 216.  But, i’m not one to share the trails with these critters.

Along 216 i stopped at a beaver pond and searched the fen for marsh flowers and dragonflies.  I got pictures of both but only a few of the dragonflies that were present are represented.  I’m never going to add these renegades to the library unless i break down and get a net.  And that’s not going to happen any time soon.  I guess i’ll just have to settle for the ones that perch in conspicuous places.

Around the reservoir i  did come across a foot trail that follows Rock Creek for a few miles.  So i hiked that with aBoo and then spent the rest of the day driving the roads around Pine Grove.  I drove Kelly Springs Rd hoping to make it westward, back into the woodlands and eventually circle back to 216.  At an old quarry it became apparent that the road was not suited for a low clearance sedan.

Oh well, we parked, had  bit of lunch and walked the road for a mile or so and headed back to the Willamette Valley stopping at Barlow Crossing up in the Cascades to scout the campground and wander around a bit.

Level IV: Oak/Conifer Foothills (9c)

Level IV: Cascade Crest Montane Forest (4c)

eBird Report from Rock Creek Trail

eBird Report from Barlow Crossing