OBOL Has Been Hijacked by the ABA


If you are not pleased, as i am — just go to the archives that they haven’t taken over — yet.

The archives are up to date, unlike the new interface, and don’t have ABA junk to wade through.

OBOL Archives

Update: please read the comment section for an elaboration on the topic with Geoffry Gordon – president of the ABA.


  1. Jeff Gordon

    Hi Greg,

    I know we’ve already had a fairly pleasant exchange over on the ABA Blog, which I appreciate. And I understand you’re not happy with Birding News so far.

    But two things I really would take issue with here:

    1. If a pilot who has been flying a plane comes to you and says he’s tired of flying it and is looking for someone to take it over and you agree to do so, it’s not really a hijacking, is it?

    2. I really don’t see this “ABA junk” you have to “wade through.” It’s a very clean, spare interface. Even Jack’s site, minimalist as it was, had ads, announcements, etc.

    Having said that, I do recognize there are problems with our display of OBOL and COBOL at the moment. Thanks for the chance to respond.

    Good birding,


    Jeffrey Gordon
    President, American Birding Association

  2. greg haworth

    Hi Jeff:
    I definitely see and acknowledge your points. Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

    As i stated on your blog, in retrospect, my comments were unduly harsh and borne from an initial reaction. I should have taken a bit more time in stating my position.

    As to point one: you are absolutely correct and i wish you folks the best in your new enterprise. I think the word hijacked carries too much negative baggage and wish i would of come up with an alternative, i apologize.

    As to point two: i am at a loss to adequately explain the difference in my interface experience. Yes it is spare — compared to Yahoo for example. It’s just different and i, personally, don’t like it. I seem to be in the minority based on your blog responses. I see the lag in updates as being unacceptable. No problem, i now just go to the archive page and get what i need. i see more navigation to get to the information i am interested in. Not much, but in the new world of nanosecond access it’s enough. One thing that i did not mention but really bugs me is the loss of the artist rendition of birds. Some of those artists i know personally and now their work will not be seen. It’s not a huge deal but i liked the opportunity they had to have their sketches splashed across the banner.

    Anyway, i know you have a yeoman’s job and i wish you the best. You seem to be a regular chap and I bet you would be a blast to go afield with.


    • Jeff Gordon


      Thanks, and right back at ya on the bit about seeming like you’d be a blast to go afield with. I hope we have that chance.

      I totally understand the feeling that something you like and have come to be very comfortable with has changed. You can probably readily imagine just how badly I don’t want this to become the ABA’s, “New Coke.”

      Thanks again for adding your voice to the discussion.