Last Trip of July

Drove out I84 to the Deschutes River confluence with the Columbia.  There are trails on both sides of the river  for upriver access.  I usually head up the east side from the Deschutes River State Park, but this time i went up the west side from Heritage Landing.

Mistake – at the time of morning that i went the sun was directly into the line of sight across the river, the trail is not as established, and it does not follow the river as closely.  Oh, well.

Interesting distribution note: when i was here last, just a couple of weeks ago, you could almost walk across the river on the backs of the swallows they were so thick.  Today, i only saw a few.

Anyway, after that little diversion i headed up out of the river basin and up onto the plateau, stopping here and there before heading back to Portland via Hwy 216 out of Grass Valley.  One productive stop was at the Moro sewage ponds where a few shore birds were resting on their way south.


Level IV: Pleistocene Lake Basins (10e)

Level IV: Umatilla Plateau (10c)

Level IV:  Deschutes/John Day Canyons (10k)

eBird Report for Heritage Landing

eBird Report for the climb out of the Basin

eBird Report for Moro

eBird Report for Grass Valley