Backing up — 26 August into the High Cascades

Another weekend with aBoo.  I love the dog to death, but when she is with me we are extremely limited to where we can go.

Why?  Well she is a 110lb Newfoundland with a mean streak toward other dogs.  I’m not a particularly large guy and i have found myself on the ground being drug around as she heads out to establish her territory.  110 lbs may not sound like much but it is all muscle and all up front.  When she takes off she only needs one or two steps to get to full speed.

Anyway, even in the hinterlands of the National Forest Roads of the western Cascades there are plenty of folks roaming around.  That cut our trip to Timber Lake short.  I was hoping to get some pictures of Chalk-fronted Corporals that i have seen here before but i couldn’t find any.  Flight dates were on the tail end but within the norm.  Bummer.  A juvenile Red-tailed Hawk had me going for a while with it’s banded tail feathers.  No mammals this time which is rare.  But there was a family up there fishing with their unsupervised off-leash dog that chased us off.  One of these days i’m just going to let aBoo go and kill one of these yappy pocket dogs.  Also came across a brown diving duck that i left unidentified but i think it was a Lesser Scaup and not a Ring-necked.

So we headed up higher in search of the last wild flowers.  Came across a trio of Sooty Grouse, but the flowers have peaked at these elevations.  A few Fritillaries were about — probably Hydapse, but i’ll leave that to the lepos.


Level IV: 4a Western Cascades Lowlands

Level IV: 4b Western Cascades Montane Highlands

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Timber Lake

NFR 58