NPSO Field Trip 09 September 2012

The local Portland chapter of the Native Plant Society of Oregon organized a trip to the Sandy River delta on Sunday.  We walked the fields and along the dike out to the power lines and made our way down to the river bank.  We slogged through the willows and mud shore line and trekked back past the duck ponds and back to the parking area.

The fields are mainly filled with invasive species with a few natives tucked in here and there.  But once down to the shore line where the river scours the delta mainly native plants are found and only a few invasive grasses can be found.  Large patches of Wapato, Douglas’ Water Hemlock, Jewelweed, Sneezeweed, Pacific Silverleaf, Yellowcress, and others.

The Chorus Frogs were numerous with quite a few Red-legged Frogs to be found as well.  With my attention mainly on the ground most birds were only heard, but it was very quiet.  I thought we might come across some shore birds out on the delta but only Killdeers were seen.


Level IV: (3a) Portland/Vancouver Basin