NAMC 16 September in Multnomah County

The North American Migration Count (NAMC) for Multnomah Co. was held on the 16th of September.  I covered the Columbia River from Kelley Point Park to Chinook Landing.  Vanport Wetlands was fenced off due to some Halloween preparations.

The biggest surprise was the closure of Smith Lake due to avian botulism.  Also called “limberneck,” the birds are unable to lift their neck and many drown.  And indeed on Bybee Lake i found a minimum of 75 dead and dying ducks.  It was a very sad sight to see.  More about this outbreak and unfolding tragedy is now being updated on the Metro website here.

The number of migrants to be found was slim.  Other than a decent showing of shorebirds at Bybee, only one Gold-crowned Sparrow and a few rafts of Green-winged Teal were found.  Other locations covered by teams of observers had varying success.
A nice sighting were the three Sanderlings found along Broughton Beach where American Pipits and Streaked Horned Larks were also in attendance.

Ecoregion Level IV 3a Portland/Vancouver Basin

eBird Reports:

Kelley Point

Smith-Bybee Lakes

Force Lake

Broughton Beach

Chinook Landing

Big Four Corners Trail