14 October 2012 – Out in Wheat Country

… and windmills. Headed out to Sherman County to get away from the rain and people.  Successful on both counts except for the Deschutes River where the fishing types were encamped.

There were still a few wildflowers in bloom, even a couple of surprises – Water Speedwell and Common Sunflower.  The Sumac and Poison Oak were in full scarlet splendor.  The sumac seeds were still too green to harvest, maybe another couple of weeks without rain.

Not a dragonfly to be seen, probably a bit chilly.

The birds were a bit more cooperative; along the Deschutes a Mountain Chickadee, both Kinglets, a late Canyon Wren, a Marsh Wren and a Red-breasted Nuthatch were the highlights.  Along the Columbia a small group of White-fronted Geese, and a knot of Cackling Geese were the stars.  Although there were quite few more Black-billed Magpies than i’m used to.  A Brown Creeper crossed my path at DeMoss Park.  Snipes were seen at both the Wasco and Moro sewage ponds.  A Pipit was a nice surprise in Moro.  And every Eurasian Collared Dove in the county were having a convention at the Moro city shops.  I counted 47 just on the main equipment barn.

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