A Late October Weekend in the Scappoose Bottoms

I spent both days of the weekend prowling around in the Scappoose Bottoms, spending most of the allotted time along the Crown Z trail.

But the city Water Works is always worth a visit.  Dowitchers, G. Yellowlegs, and Snipes were present both days as was a lone coyote skulking along the edge of the southern pond.  On Sunday there was a huge chicklet flock in the willows and cottonwoods.

Cackling Geese are fully entrenched for the winter, but many ducks have yet to arrive on the Crown Z ponds.  A. Widgeons and GW Teals were the dominant ducks with a lone Pintail and Cinnamon Teal in the mix.  Still waiting for the season’s first Buffleheads.  A large flock of Ring-billed Gulls with a lone pair of California Gulls were in the field at the intersection of Dike Rd and Columbia Rd.  And a Red-shouldered Hawk put in a showing on Sunday.

Out on the Honeyman loop not much was happening except for a juvenile N. Shrike, around 20 Great Egrets, and a Peregrine Falcon.  There was a huge, 1000+, flock of mixed blackbirds and Starling that had at least a couple of Brown-headed Cowbirds in the mix.

With the addition of the Red-shouldered Hawk, the P. Falcon the the Shrike patch totals have crossed the century mark!

There were still some late bloomers here and there — mostly invasive.  A new plant for me was Weasel’s Snout, or Lesser Snapdragon.  A member of the re-organized Scroph family.

Level IV: (3a) Portland/Vancouver Basin

eBird Reports:
Sat. Scappoose Water Works
Sat. Crown Z Trail
Sat. Honeyman Loop
Sun. Scappoose Water Works
Sun. Crown Z Trail