inside you’ll find:

“field studies from portland” is about, well, logs and mostly pictures of trips traveled afield from my home in portland oregon.  posting odonata (dragonflies) and lepidoptera (butterflies) sightings as able.   and mammals, amphibians, reptiles and whatever else i find interesting while afield (and actually able to photograph) – oh, i’m a botanist by way of education.

Nomenclature: i use common names for all sightings and sometimes not even the same ones on any given day (except birds, that nomenclature is established).  When there is more than one option i choose the quirkiest name.  Sometimes i even make one up from factoids about the critter.  For plants if you hover over the thumbnails the Genus and specie names for that plant can be seen, if known.

As far as the accuracy of the identifications: I do my best.  I do not collect specimens.  I do not dissect the plants.  ID is based on observations at the time of encounter and photo studies.  I’m sure some of the ID’s are wrong.  Corrections would be deeply appreciated.

I stared out but have stopped superfluous commentary of the “i went here and saw this.  Then i went here and saw this.”  type.  That’s kind of obvious, and boring.  There are links to the EPA ecoregions describing the habitat in most posts.  Read those to learn about the areas i visit.  I eventually link to the Wikipedia pages for these if you actually click through on the link provided taking you to my edit of that information.  I would link to the EPA site, but the information is more difficult to access.

If you want more information of about an area or a sighting — leave a comment.  I’ll get back to you – promise.

(last edited 29 July 2013)

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