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Day 2 – Malheur Trip with the Audubon Society of Corvallis

Day two begins with a stroll up South Coyote Butte before breakfast and then a tour of the north end of the refuge. Nighthawks, a nesting Say’s Phoebe, calling Willets and the ubiquitous Yellow-headed Blackbirds.

We drove the road into Headquarters stopping for the marshland birds; a brief stint at HQ itself; a drive down Harney Lake Rd to view the Golden Eagle nest and pick up some basin sparrows – Lark and Black-throated; a slow drive down the Narrows for the grebes and then the slow dive down Ruh-Red Rd for sage species, more marsh birds and a look at the Pelican Colony. A very cooperative Ferruginous Hawk, a couple a Vesper Sparrows, Blue-winged Teal a few of the highlights.

The day ended with an evening trip out to Benson Landing.  This is a restricted area and we were guided by refuge personnel.  A Short-eared Owl was in the tules with the Cranes.  Bittern were “oonk-a-lunking” every 25 yards, but nary a one was seen.

Personal sightings – 80 species of birds.

eBird – Field Station

eBird – Princeton Rd into HQ

eBird – Malheur NWR HQ

eBird – Harney Lake Rd

eBird – The Narrows

eBird – Ruh-Red Rd.

eBird – Benson Landing