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Early June – A Photo Essay From the East Side of Mt. Hood


Level IV (4c) Cascade Crest Montane Forest
Level IV (9b) Grand Fir Mixed Forest
Level IV (9c) Oak/Conifer Foothills

Clackamas Cascades, Photo Essay

Faraday Reservoir to Little Crater Lake.

Level IV: 4a Western Cascades Lowlands and Valleys
Level IV: 4b Western Cascades Montane Highlands
Level IV: 4c Cascade Crest Montane Forest

NPSO Field Trip 23 September 2012

The local chapter of the Native Plant Society of Oregon (NPSO) headed up into the wildfire region of east central Washington to Conboy Lake NWR and hiked the Willard Springs trail.  Evidence of the wildfires was everywhere once we crossed the river.  Burned hillsides and lots of smoke.

The peak of wildflower season is on the wane but there were still lots of flowers about.  We spent quite a bit of time studying the water plants in the channel.  Bladderworts, duck weed, Burr-reed, and Pondweed.  One thing that i didn’t know is that the Bladderworts are parasitic, feeding on aquatic insects — pretty cool!

Birds were pretty quite.  A couple of interesting birds was a calling Northern Pygmy Owl and a small group of Wild Turkeys seen on the road back down to the river.  There were lots of dragonflys out and about.  The Autumn Meadowhawks were landing on everybody.

I need to update the Ecoregion pages to cover Washington but we traveled through Level IV 9c and 9b which is the same as Oregon.  I don’t have a page up for 9b yet.

Page for Level IV 9b is now up.

Level IV (9c) Oak/Conifer Woodlands

eBird Report:
Conboy NWR