Levle IV: (80m) Barren Playas

Levle IV: (80m) Barren Playas

The Barren Playas ecoregion includes the playas and sand dunes of Summer Lake, Silver Lake, and the Alvord Desert, three of the most arid areas in Oregon. Elevation varies from 4,500 to 5,000 feet (1,372 to 1,524 m), with a local relief of less than 100 feet (30 m).

On the playas, lake levels and salinity fluctuate seasonally and yearly. Playas are ponded during wet intervals and eroded by wind when dry. Surface material is clayey, saline, alkaline, and poorly drained. Sand dunes and mud flats occur. This region is mostly barren; vegetation, where present, is sparse and composed of very salt-tolerant plants, such as alkali sacaton and black greasewood.

The region covers 179 square miles (464 km2) in Oregon. It is nonarable and is used for recreation and migratory bird habitat.[1]

Source: Wikipedia

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