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Sub-Alpine Bog Meadow Survey

Hiked into Black Wolf and Cottonwood Meadows on a sunny August day.  Best birding was early morning at Black Wolf.  The hike down to Anvil Lake and an unsuccessful attempt at Dinger Lake (too much of a scramble for the dog) yielded a few of the expected montane birds.  On the return trip back through Black Wolf there was a trio of Lewis’ Woodpeckers, a first for the ecoregion.   By mid-day at Cottonwood most birds had hunkered down against the heat.  A couple of Common Nighthawks cruised overhead.

Level IV (4c) Cascade Crest Montane Forest

The alternate naming of species reflects differing common names.

Crown Z. Trail


Level IV (3a) Portland/Vancouver Basin

Mt. Hood at Timberline


Level IV: 4d Cascades Subalpine/Alpine

Sauvie Island in July


Level IV: 3a Vancouver/Portland Basin

Late June In The Coast Range


Level IV: (1d) Coast Range Volcanics
Level IV: (1f) Willapa Hills

Late June Road Trip to Summer Lake Area – Photo Dump


Level IV: (4b) Western Cascades Montane Highlands
Level IV: (9h) Fremont Pine/Fir Forest
Level IV: (80d) Pluvial Lake Basins
Level IV: (80e)High Desert Wetlands

Early June – A Photo Essay From the East Side of Mt. Hood


Level IV (4c) Cascade Crest Montane Forest
Level IV (9b) Grand Fir Mixed Forest
Level IV (9c) Oak/Conifer Foothills