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Why it’s been a while ….

There are tons of birding blogs out in the wild.  Most are; i went here and i saw this boring types.

The ABA puts out a weekly roundup of what they think are good reads in their “Blog Birding” series.  HERE is the latest entry — good stuff (mostly).

If Nate is going to tour the web and pick the plums i suggest that you catch a ride.

I’m a parochial birder, more interested in seeing a new species in a well worn patch than adding a tick to my “life” list — which i don’t have.

In short: if i have something that i think is of value to share, that will be the next post.  But don’t hold your breath.

Migration is underway, wild flowers are just around the corner and i get to see the world turn once more — a very good day in my book.

Blog Title Change

I noticed, after review, that while there are plenty of bird studies in my posts, my interests are diverse in the field.  Which is why i make a terrible field companion for true hard core birders.  I spend as much time, or more, turning over rocks, keying out plants, or chasing after dragonflies and butterflies than i do hunting down birds.  An observation my wife pointed out to me while on a recent trip to the Northern Basin and Range, “Give me the keys, you and your plants are a solitary endeavor and I’m not waiting around anymore.”

So, i changed the title of the blog but not the domain name.